Saturday, July 7, 2012

LBS 3 Year Giveaway: Day 2

You guys know I STAN for Carol's Daughter products. When I posted this review of their Transition 1-2-3 Kit, the response was so positive I decided to partner up with CD to give away a few boxes!

 Sadly, today marks my very last box that I'm able to give away. I figured the best way to cap off the series was by giving away this box during my anniversary! See below on how to enter to win this last goodie box:

1. You must be following LoveBrownSugar on Facebook & Twitter
2. You must be following Carol's Daughter on Facebook & Twitter
3. Leave a comment below about a "transition" you've made in your life.

Can't wait to hear your stories! Good luck!

UPDATE (8/1/12): Congratulations to Gloss & Sticks!
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  1. The transition I've made was for healthly hair & body by going natural & eating better

  2. A transition I have made and I am still going through is transitioning to life post-college as I've recently obtained by Bachelor's degree. I'm moving back to my hometown and adjusting to the "real world."

  3. My most difficult and most rewarding transition was becoming a mother. I'm a single mother and finding the time to juggle motherhood, my career and my life in general has been quite the journey. It's made me who I am, and it has also led me to transitioning my hair because I am now more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been!

  4. A transition I've encountered is when I lost my job and had to re-evaluate how to re-enter the workforce. For the past two years I returned to school to secure my certification in middle grades education. I am so happy because as of May, 2012 I am fully certified.

  5. I've had quite a few transitions in the past year, first was when I decided to go natural. I went from blow drying and flat ironing my hair every week to twist/knot outs and no heat at all. Another was moving 3,000 miles away from my family and starting fresh in a new state.

    I really hope I win this! =)


  6. The transition i made was finally putting on my big girl panties and moving out of my mom's house! Though leaving alone can sometimes be hectic (bills), I enjoy the peace and quiet and having the ability to call something my own!

  7. The transition I am currently going through is living a more healthy lifestyle. I've committed to taking better care of myself (mind, body and spirit). I believe putting out positive energy will in return bring positive things in my life.

  8. My happiest and most terrifying transition is finally moving from renter to home owner. I'm looking forward to moving out of my apartment more than I could ever describe, but having the responsibility of home ownership is completely nerve-racking.

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    Twitter: @normawatson


  9. I was natural for 5 years, then relaxed in Feb 2012 and now i am back transitioning again and its harder this time around.
    I am following both you and CD on facebook @Awa C and twitter via yombeh.

  10. I am transitioning to natural and a healthy body, I am 25 years old, married and have been told I cant have children so I got a second opion and was told that if I get healthy and treat my body well my body will reward me with what I want most, to give my husband childern. and in this journey to become healthy I found , in my mom who has been natural for 20 plus years, the will and strength to go against the norm and wear my natural, beautiful kiny hair and stop putting harmful chemicals on and in it. i know how hard the journey will be, but you better believe I am down for the long haul. be blessed ya'll

    Johnika Payne (penny) facebook
    @johnika_payne twittter

  11. In April I made the transition from "he is my best friend" to :he is my husband." 4-11-2012 I married my hubby and daily have to take mental notes of the trasnitions between being on my own and married life. I told my friends when you are single if you wanna buy that pair of shoes and live off noodles for a weeks thats's fine but when you get married that's selfish lol. Getting married made everything transition it was one big step into growing up and growing better as a person. Hey if it weren't for him I probably would still just be dreaming instead of working for that dream. lol you should have seen his face when I did my big chop...talk about a test of love ;)Everyday I pray the Lord helps me transition into a wife my husband can be proud to say he has. So far so good...I'm still a little rough around the edges though...oh and he has gotten use to the hair :)


  12. On July 5th,2012 I married my bestfriend and I am now making the transition to "wife" and not just that but adjusting to the military life and all that entails ( a headache at times) but, I love my husband and wouldn't have it any other way!

  13. In 2007, I went for a routine hair appointment. One where I get it relaxed and cut, but this time I decided to talk to my hairdresser about changing my hair. Maybe no longer relaxing and changing my look. I had been relaxing since I was six and it has resulted in large scabs, uncontrollable dandruff (which I later discover is not dandruff and actually an allergy to the relaxer), and pain in my scalp even when I would just rinse my head with water. So I decided that the whole pain for beauty idea was no longer worth it and agreed to start transitioning to natural hair. The problem is I never really embraced it, I did it for health reasons but the look was never something I really wanted. So 5 years later I was wearing braids, or pinning it, or flat ironing it but didn't really know how to care for my hair. Which resulted in split ends and severe breakage? But a few months ago, I realized I was tired. Not just of the extra work I created but of fighting the look. So I conditioned and twisted my hair and wore it out fully natural for the first time since I started the change. I received so many compliments and praise for the new look I was beyond surprised. With this bolstering me and a new confidence in my look I even went to seek out and went to a hair salon that specializes in natural hair. Now I have a new cut and plenty of information on what products to use as well as having her use the transitioning kit. I regret all the time I spent fighting and hating my hair and by extension my looks. I am enjoying my new style and still can't believe how supportive everyone is being. Even though my journey began 5 years ago, it's as though I am starting for the very first time.

  14. I feel like I'm in a major Transition from Girl to Woman, something about being 39 and ending out the 30's that has me so excited.