Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Drop The Dryer: Flat Twists On Natural Hair

This week Nikita of My 12 Month Natural Hair Challenge tackles the flat twist-out. Check out her styling & results:

I had never flat twisted all of my hair before, but I heard great things about the results from friends. I decided to give it a try and below is a part of the process and the results!

Step 1: I flat twisted my hair straight back while my hair was still wet from having just been washed and conditioned. It wasn't soaking wet, but still damp enough that I didn't need to use a spray bottle to re-moisturize. I did my normal moisturizing regimen, which is Coconut oil, Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk-Touch Leave In Conditioner, shea butter and Mizani True Textures Moisture Stretch or MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream.

Step 2: I then stretched and pinned the twists around my head to ensure that my hair would fall downward and have some length after drying.

Step 3: I unraveled the twists and here is the finished look!

It didn't come out too shabby, but the front definitely came out better than the back in my opinion. I'm going to have to better my flat twisting technique. I then styled my hair because I wanted it up.
Below are the results:

I used this cool barrett I found at Rite-Aid (yea don't sleep on the hair accessories sections of Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and CVS folks). The barrett is basically two of the clips I use in my messy French roll connected by intertwined elastic bands. It's pretty classy if I do say so myself.

Try your hand at flat twisting if you haven't already! 

Have you guys ever done this style? What were your results? 
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  1. My hair isn't long enough to try this yet. :(

    Amberly D'Anna