Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome The LoveBrownSugar Family...

They're here! I have new family members guys. Starting this week, you'll be seeing a few new voices on LoveBrownSugar.com. I'm so excited that over the past three years you guys have taken this blog to such new levels that I actually can't handle it all on my own anymore. So before you freak out, here are a few caveats:

1. I'm not going anywhere! You guys will still be hearing from me each and every day. I'll be posting, I'll be tweeting, I'll be event-recapping, I'll be shimmying all over your internets. So don't worry. And the voice of the site will always remain the same.

2. We'll be posting more! One of my biggest regrets over the history of my site is that I just haven't had the TIME to post more often. I wish I could talk to you guys all day but I have a job y'all. Hence, the LBS family will be keeping the site more up to date.

3. It's only up from here! You guys are getting introduced to some amazing new voices and I'm hoping as you get to know them that you'll fall deeper and deeper in love with LoveBrownSugar and with them.

So without further ado....the new crew!

Fashion Contributor
Evette Dionne is a fabulous graduate student pursuing a Masters of Science in Media Management and a Masters in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She is knowledgeable about Meek Mill and Melissa Harris-Perry. Dionne is a lover of words, tattoos, fashion, magazines, politics, social media and afros. For more of her quirky thoughts, follow her on Twitter (@EvetteDionne) or check out her website, EvetteDionne.com.

NYC Fashion Contributor
Chrislande Dorcilus is the girliest girl you know. She is a lover of animals, Miu Miu, Caribbean Festivals, Vivienne Westwood, big gold hoops, Thrifting, nail extensions, lipstick, Madonna, debate, glitter, food, poetry, novels, Korean Dramas, pink and using bananas as communication devices! She currently resides/writes from Brooklyn, New York. Feel free to tweet her to your heart’s content @tristlande.

LBS Assistant/Pop Culture Editor
Kisha Timothy was supposed to be a top-selling artist by now, but she isn't. Originally from Trinidad, these days she finds herself claiming Boston or New York. It really just depends on who asks. A huge lover of music (loves Whitney Houston), she is still trying to figure out why she traveled from Boston to New Jersey on the day of Whitney's funeral and didn't get in. Jaheim got in though *insert angry obscenities* Creating is her thing. One day she'll be a top selling artist, but in the mean time since she loves creating, she's working on starting her own PR & Marketing firm. Follow her @JusKish

LBS Intern
Gracie Joseph is 22 years young, an NYC native, a graduate of LIU Post with the craftiest little hands you'll ever meet. She enjoys blogging, fashion trends, heated topics and discussions, loves her natural hair, and discovering enriching opportunities. She is a current intern at BET and writer of her blogs Sweet To Be Gracie and STBG Fashion Forward. Her ideology: What ever you put out in the universe, the universe will give right back to you, so don't put out crap!

Events Photographer
Shadé "shadedblaque" Laurie is an ambitious twenty something year old hailing from The Bronx, NY. She is a budding photographer embarking on a journey towards building her "shadedblaque" brand. She is a HUGE Bob Marley fan and you can always find her somewhere behind a camera . A woman of few words, Shadé lets her photography do most of the talking. www.shadedblaque.com

Street Style Photographer/ Video Editor
Although Sharifa Daniels is living her dreams as a videographer and editor, it was not always her first love.  A dancer for 18 years, Sharifa had dreams of dancing with Alvin Ailey, until she cast her eyes on her first camcorder at the age of 13.  It wasn't until her senior year of high school that she found her true passion of editing in her TV production class. Recently Sharifa graduated cum laude in film from Howard University in Washington DC. She has been doing video/editing for 5 years and is currently interning for VIBE magazine as well. She is happy to be working for Love Brown Sugar on its 3rd year. Check out her work at www.creativedgeproductions.tumblr.com

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  1. I am so jealous that I am not in the NYC area... otherwise I would have been all over this opportunity.

  2. Wow! Very talented young ladies you have! Wishing you all the best!

  3. Congrats ladies! You all are working with an amazing young lady and I look forward to reading your post!

  4. Congrats to both you AND the ladies!! Good luck, looks like you have an awesome team!