Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Urban Outfitters NEW Fly Girl Inspired Collection

Even though they were around only 15 measly years ago, the 90’s are back in fashion. Trendy favorites from the Pac and Biggie era—like the dark plum lip— are seen on street fashion blogs and on actually streets. The “Poetic Justice” braids, stretchy acid washed jeans, combat boots, see through neon accessories, and black maxi dresses are here to stay. But, you can’t revisit 90’s fashion without remembering the Fly Girls.

The leading ladies of In Living Color are re-making fashion history thanks to Urban Outfitters. They have inspired a collection of the best fashion that the 90’s had to offer including zany prints, rompers, the classic baby doll dress, lots of crop tops, hats and acid washed everything. 

My favorite pieces from Urban's hip, young and flirty collection include: the Sparkle & Fade High-Rise Faux Leather Pinup Short, the Silence & Noise Illusion Mesh Tee, and the Silence & Noise Silky Zip-front Dress

And, no lie; I am a sucker for that Sparkle & Fade Mesh Inset Maxi Skirt. I’m a 90’s baby. I have a thing for mesh and leather shorts.

The accessories are the coolest part of the collection. The five panel hats, platform sandals, cool jangly bib necklaces would bring an interesting touch to a still modern leaning sense of style. I particularly loved the Mel By Melissa Shoes Macadamia Sandal since it's wearable through spring and into summer. The jelly sandals comes many cute colors like pink, green and nude. So you can forget about Snapbacks and Tattoos, this spring it’s all about crop tops and cut outs.

Feel free to check out the collection here and tell us what your favorites are below!

- Chrislande Dorcilus

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  1. WOW!
    I love this styles! Most the maxiskirt!


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  3. Definitely a sucker for 90's fashion. <3 the jellies! Great post :)


  4. I love the look of this collection! I'm currently rocking Urban Outfitters Lisa Frank collection so I'm definitely going to get in on this one, too. I love the 90s, plus the baby doll dresses and platform sandals in the Fly Girl collection.