Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kickin' It: Kmart Fashion Remix Challenge

A few weeks back, the lovely folks at Kmart invited me to their Tribeca studio to take part in the Kmart Fashion #MoneyCantBuyStyle Remix Challenge. Hosted by fashion expert and Fashion Police co-host George Kotsiopoulos, each blogger invited was asked to create a head-to-toe look using the Jaclyn Smith utility shirt and either pieces from the Kmart wardrobe or pieces of your own.

We were allowed to pick from any of the colors above. Given my obsession with turquoise, I opted for the solid one!

There were alot of really fun options to choose from. Everything from patterned pants to bright-colored skinny jeans. To truly display my personal style, I decided to stick with the leather mini-dress I wore to the event and layer that with the Jaclyn Smith utility shirt and a fun neon pink Bongo crossbody bag.

The photos for the event were taken by famed photographer Chris Heads. He's awesome, I felt like a superstar!

Me being silly! He told me to show off my cool henna forearm tattoo. So much fun!

I had a blast at Kmart's Remix Challenge. Considering I've never been a fan of Kmart's style selections, I have to say that going to the Remix Challenge really opened up my eyes to all the cool pieces they have to offer these days. Everything from staples like oxfords and denim skinnies, to patterned tops and stylish mini-dresses. Kudos to them for upping the style factor and keeping it affordable for budget fashionistas nationwide.

To take the #MoneyCantBuyStyle challenge yourself (and for the chance to win a $500 shopping spree   or Grand Prize trip to NYC) enter HERE at Kmart's Facebook Page.

Have you shopped at Kmart lately? What was your experience?
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  1. Hey,
    great pictures and an amazing outfit.
    I love your style.


  2. Is the dress from Express? I think I have that same dress.