Friday, May 17, 2013

LBS Salon Review: Mirror Salon at Carol's Daughter in Harlem

I first stepped into the Mirror Salon at the Carol's Daughter flagship in Harlem, NY with the expectation that it would be wildly similar to many other hair salons I'd been to. You know how it is - salon chairs, hooded dryers and stylists. Very simple. Upon walking into the Mirror Salon however, you quickly come to realize there's way more to this salon than meets the eye. 

From the attentive salon hostess to the stylists that not only make it a point to know your hair goals and challenges but actually educate you on the condition of your hair and the steps necessary to get it at its best. Oh, and don't forget about the enchanting mirrors above and below that reassure you that stylists are focusing on your hair's health and doing it in a transparent way.

Check out my experience at the Mirror Salon:

Walking into the Carol's Daughter flagship in Harlem has always been an enchanting experience for me. What makes it even more beautiful now is the hair oasis that is waiting for you towards the back of the location, now equipped with hair stylists who specialize in curls and kinks.

Your treatment at the Mirror Salon starts off with a thorough consultation. Before they even touch your hair, they make it their mission to find out as much about your hair as possible. They have you fill out a questionnaire about your hair challenges, your hair goals and your hair type. They focus on finding out your hair's porosity as well as texture before recommending a hair treatment and regimen for you. I found out I have high porosity curls with a cotton texture.

My wonderful stylist Tlisha did a thorough evaluation of my scalp and hair and then told me what she planned to do for my hair including a cleansing, deep conditioning treatment and a twist set using Carol's Daughter products.

I love that they have mirrors in the ceiling right above the wash/treatment chairs so you can see everything your stylist is doing, from the products they use to the techniques they implement.

After my shampoo, Tlisha had me sit under the steamer for a deep moisturizing treatment. She explained the benefits of steam treatments to me in locking in essential moisturizing properties for the hair.

After my steam treatment, Tlisha went to work detangling my hair from root to tip in sections.

Next up, she twisted my hair (both my natural curls and my Indique extensions) using the Macadamia Heat Setting Foam ($18.00). She sat me under the hooded dryer for about 30 minutes but since I had to skip out to run some errands, I just allowed the rest of the hair to air dry out and about. See my results below:

Here are my two-strand twists before unraveling!

They are flat twists at the crown and then two-strand twisted at the ends. This really helped with curl definition!

Love how defined the curls came out!

Overall I'm thoroughly pleased with my Mirror Salon experience. It was by far one of the best salon experiences I've ever had. From the warm atmosphere, to the seasoned stylists and the personalized service, I would recommend this for anyone who wants a really educating and luxurious hair pampering session.

Here's a snapshot of the services offered & prices:

If you're in the NYC area, head on over to the Mirror Salon and tell 'em LoveBrownSugar sent you! Also, for those of you in other major cities in the US, stay tuned for announcements as Carol's Daughter has plans to open up a few more locations nationwide before the end of the year!

Mirror Salon at Carol's Daughter
24 West 125th St (between 5th & Lenox Ave)
New York, NY 10027

Disclosure: The Mirror Salon provided me with a complimentary hair service for this review. As always, all opinions expressed herein are mine and not reflective of the company.

For those of you curious about Mirror Salons's straightening services, check out Ijeoma of Klassy Kinks who received a Ceramic Fusion treatment there. See below:

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  1. I had no idea you wore extensions!! Beautiful!

  2. I wanted to try it out. I was there when they were premiering the Monoi line. However, the first appointment is $100. No way around that and it turned me off completely. Maybe one day I'll try...