Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Road to BET Awards: Day 1

It's official guys! I've been granted the opportunity to fly out to LA and cover the 2012 BET Awards!! I am BEYOND excited. One, because this will be my first time in LA and two, because my very first post EVER on LoveBrownSugar.com was about the BET Awards! That was end of June 2009. Now, on the eve of my site's 3 Year Anniversary, I'll be soaking up the action in real time. Crazy how in 3 years time things have come full circle! Instead of yapping about the red carpet fashions from my computer screen, I'll be tweeting them live from LA!

I'm partnering up with motor company Ford  to live-tweet straight from their Ford Hot Spot at the BET Awards. Make sure you follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #FordHotSpot as myself and other  folks will be snapping red carpet pics, doing interviews with the stars, and soacking up all the action from the Ford suite. In addition to all that amazingness, Ford is giving one BET viewer the opportunity to win a brand new 2013 Ford Escape and $1,000 in cash. Yes, y'all. Someone is winning a car!

Ok now for the dilemma...what am I going to wear???!

So I've narrowed down a few options for hair, nails and for red carpet looks. Here's what I'm planning...

The Hair: Big Honey-Dipped Curls

Ok so don't freak out! I'm not dying my hair blond or anything, but I am FINALLY experimenting with color. I've been yearning to play around with the ombre hair trend, so I figured my "trip to Hollywood" would be the best time to try it. Instead of dying my own strands (I'm terrified of color damage!), Dana Gibbs of the Dana's Loft Salon is installing extensions for me that will allow me to play around with color and texture. I'm getting my hair "laid" on Friday - can't wait! I'll be using the Kinky-Curly textured hair from True Indian Hair. Remember when I did the Milkmaid Braid tutorial? It's the same hair - super luxe. This time I may get a bang in the front. We'll see!

The Nails: Glitter, Tribal or Animal?

Pics courtesy Pinterest
So I'm still undecided about which nail look I'm going for. I'm leaning more towards the "graphic glitter" look on the left but I'm open. Thoughts? Suggestions? Hit me in the comments.

The Shoe: Neutral-Neon Combo

I'm still undecided about what shoe I'd like, but I know I want it to be a neutral, platform with some amazing pop of color or intricate design. Nothing like a statement shoe! Which of these is your fave?

The Dress: Floral, Neon or Little Black Dress?

So I'm still completely undecided about the type of dress I want to rock. For me, it's between a bold tribal or floral print, a bright neon A-line look, or a little black dress. What's a girl to do? All the above dresses are from ASOS.

I need your help! Give me some suggestions in the comments section. I only have 3 days to decide! Feel free to tweet me @LoveBrownSugar with your suggestions too!

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  1. I love the Honey Dipped Hair, Glitter Nails, and I love the last shoe. I can't see the dress because of my stupid computer.

  2. I would go for the honey dipped curls Teyana's, tribal print nails,the intricate neutral shoe, and the little black dress for a fierce, yet somewhat low key look

  3. So many choices!! Hmm I like Neon dress and tribal nails! Whatever you decide, you will look Fab!!!

  4. First off, CONGRATS! Oh and you should go with the graphic glitter nails, curly hair, the neon dress, and the leopard heels! Bam! Have fun! :)

    Amberly D'Anna

  5. loving the neon dress for sure! maybe with the colorblocked shoe

  6. Love the glitter nails and the floral dress!

  7. Congrats! You'll look fab no matter what!