Tuesday, July 17, 2012

LoveBrownSugar 3 Year Giveaway: Day 5

Today's giveaway comes courtesy cool fashion techie product POP Phone! If you have an iPhone, Droid, iPad or laptop that you use for phone calls or Skype calls, you're gonna love this product. 

I blogged about it in February during last fashion week, in my recap about Robert Verdi's Luxe Lounge (here). He had them featured for all his guests to try out and pick one to take home. I picked up this pink one, which I love.

These are essentially an ode to retro phones that you can connect to your high-tech gadgets. Aside from being the most adorable tribute to old school telephones, they're actually better for you than direct phone usage as they help eliminate over 99% of absorbed phone radiation. And they're only $30!

Tons of celebrities have been spotted toting these babies around town. Everyone from Lenny Kravitz to Sarah Jessica Parker.
One of you lucky folks will get one of your own to take home. Follow the rules below & good luck!

Eligibility: (Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below!)

1. You must be following LoveBrownSugar on Facebook & Twitter
2. Leave a comment explaining how you would use your POP Phone
3. For bonus entry: Tweet about the giveaway!

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  1. I would use the POP phone for phone calls and video chatting!

  2. SHOCK VALUE: I would use these KAYOOT phone for the shock value alone. I can just imagine what folks on the 2 train in the Bronx will think when I plug this baby into my iphone and start chatting with my bestie in Liberia. LOL. I hope someone will snap a picture of me too. Please pick me :D

  3. I'd use the phone for fun photo ops and to call home to check on my puppy while I'm away at my first NYFW

  4. I'm a Fashion Designer that has to make a ton of calls and I hate when my cell phone gets hot...this would be a great way to avoid a hot ear!!

  5. This phone would be perfect to use with gchat's phone option when my phone battery dies....as it often does.

  6. I would use it to talk on my cell phone and computer for Skyping!

  7. I'd use it while talking at home and even on vacation. It's WAY cuter than my bluetooth ;-)


  8. I'm in a long distance relationship and Skype is my saving grace! I would use the phone for chats with my boo

  9. I LOVE this phone...I would use it to talk on my cell when headphones fall out of my ears, when on the train to see people's reactions, definitely for skyping, and of course cool instagram pics, plus my favorite color is pink!

  10. I would use it for making phone calls instead of using my HOT cell and for making Skype calls since my kids broke my head set lol.

  11. My Bff is currently studying abroad in France and we use skype 3 times a week to stay in touch :)

  12. Hi :) I'm from Poland, My English is poor.

    I would like POP Phone to talk with my boyfriend on Skype!

    This POP Phone is great !

    Best wishes, Pati :*


  13. I saw this on Chicagolicious. I soooo want one

  14. Never seen these before, but super cute. I could call England :)

  15. I would use it for styling and profiling on skype, facetime ovoo and in the streets.

  16. I would use it to talk on my phone and probably keep it in my car....you know the whole have your phone between your shoulder and ear thing, haha

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