Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fierce: Michelle Obama at the State of the Union Address

Michelle Obama
 For the first time in LoveBrownSugar history, I did not leave the "Fierce or Foolish" option open. Michelle O at the State of the Union address last night was simply fierce - no doubt about it. She looked absolutely flawless in a fitted Rachel Roy frock, simple jewelry and the perfect hair and makeup. What's not to love? I have to say, she just might surpass Jackie O as the "Most Fashionable First Lady of All Time". She's definitely got my vote!

What about yours? Soundoff below!

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  1. Michelle looked fab as usual, and her hair was WHIPPED. Loved it.

  2. Gotta love her.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. I am semi-obsessed with Mrs. Obama! And her hair is ALWAYS flawless! I'm not a fashion guru or anything but I love how classy and sophisticated she is with what she wears. Love That!


  4. Michelle O. looked amazing hands down! I love how she wore Rachel Roy and her choice of bangles. She is always classy and stately but at the same time still very trendy.

  5. Simple and classy. Love it! And love the dress too and her earrings were fab. Now she makes me want to cut my hair!

  6. she stays DOING IT! Love it... rocking the bangles too... she is awesome.

  7. She's head and shoulders above Jackie O IMHO. Mrs. Obama created her own style, she didn't buy it. If you can buy whatever you want, it's fairly easy to have great style. But Mrs. Obama's style is not based on dollars and cents, it seems to be a true representation of her spirit. REAL style, right?

  8. I love her style. She always tries new things, and looks amazing. That dress is perfect, and very classy.
    My Heart Blogged