Thursday, January 13, 2011

'Fit Room Flicks: Beacon's Closet

 Last Saturday I took a little trip down to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to meet up with fellow fashion blogger Poca of Style.Spot.Run. Poca had invited me on a shopping excursion with her, and being the thrift maniac that I am, I jumped at the opportunity. So Poca and I headed to popular vintage consignment shop Beacon's Closet...

 The amazing thing about stores like Beacon's Closet and another fave of mine Buffalo Exchange is that, unlike thrift stores and the Salvation Army, these stores have specialty buyers who are appointed to only pick the best of the best vintage items for sale within the store. So instead of having to scour through racks and racks of unamazing duds to get to your gem, every piece is already a gem! Here are some of the pieces I tried on:

I fell in love with this vintage printed oversized cardigan. I absolutely LIVE in oversized cardigans and ponchos this season.

I thought this color-blocked cable knit sweater was cute too, but it was a little bulky and didn't give me much shape. Also, I'm really on the hunt for pieces that can transition me into spring eventually so I'm straying away from accumulating any more bulky knits.

This golden sparkle top caught my eye because of its ornate buttons. I love details like that. Unfortunately the top button was broken and for the price I didn't see the value in having to get it fixed, so I left this baby on the rack. Great detailing though.

My birthday is at the end of the month, so I picked out a few sequined pieces as birthday outfit options. This first one featured a floral design.

Though I really loved the ornate design, I thought it looked a little "Golden Girl" on me. So I tried on another one...

This one had a younger feel to it, but I wasn't in love with the silhouette. The sleeves are great but the neckline wasn't really flattering. So in the end, I ended up just taking the oversized cardigan up top and calling it a day.
I had such a great time in Williamsburg but I will post a disclaimer. The downsides to shopping stores like these are 1) There's no real "thrill" or feeling of accomplishment when you purchase, because everything in the store is already amazing and 2) The prices are higher - lower than retail stores but definitely more expensive than thrift. So you have to be a little particular about what you choose if you're staying on a budget. 

You guys have any awesome consignment shops like this in your area? Do tell! Soundoff below.
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  1. that last jacket is amazing!
    great thrift item

    x x

  2. The sequined jacked did not look "Golden girl" on you at all! I absolutely love it. I need one in my life as a matter of a fact. I may need to take a trip to the Williamsburg Beacon's because Park Slope ain't cutting it!

  3. I like that yellow cardigan on you! It's very cute.

    The sequined jacket wasn't golden girlish to me--maybe a little Michael Jacksonish?

    Taking the trip out to Williamsburg to go to Beacon's Closet of BEchange in the winter is not for me, it gets really cold down there.

  4. That last top is FIERCE! You better werrrk!!


  5. I love both of the sequin numbers, but I love anything with sequins!
    I went to Beacon's once and I loved it, but I still love the experience of thrifing and finding a hidden gem.

  6. So here's the deal... I need you to go back to that fabulous store and pick up that flower sequenced jacket and ship it to me. (smile)
    It is true about consignments but every once in awhile you find some good deals.
    Love the Cardigan!


  7. I love both of those sequined tops. I would of coped both lol. Boy do I miss Brooklyn :-(


  8. Hah! I so appreciate that you all don't think that top made me resemble a 60's go-go dancer. I may reconsider :)

    I heart you guys, you make my day! Lol

  9. The creme oversized cardigan was my fav! So pretty!! Love the hair too, looks voluminous and lovely!



  10. Your hair is soo beautiful....makes me want to grow some (but only for a minute, lol). I really like the sequined, floral pieces. I need something similiar for my birthday on Friday =)

  11. I want that 'golden girl' jacket and I want it now!

  12. I love the sequins jacket with the flowers and the printed oversized cardigan! Niiiccee. Sequins and sparkly things are always at the top of my list esp for special occasions.


  13. OMG I am so slow...seeing this NOW!!

    lets do it again.