Tuesday, January 4, 2011

VIDEO: Beyonce Walks Tom Ford

In what was known to be one of the most exclusive runway shows in fashion history, Beyonce was dubbed an official runway gem in Tom Ford's S/S 2011 Womenswear show. Only the top most prestigious editors in the industry were allowed to make an appearance and very limited photography was allowed. Finally after months of secrecy, images and video have surfaced of the exclusive event; I snagged this video of the runway show which included most of the top models in the industry including LBS faves Liya Kebede and Chanel Iman as well as the ultra-glam Queen Bey. Check it out...

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  1. now that would have been an awesome show to attend!

  2. Hey, Beyonce and I have the same hair in this pic...Fab!!!


  3. The metallic jacket at 1:49. Speechless! I just stumbled across your blog, and loving it so far! So glad you posted this video! I love Queen Bey, and although there were some fabulous women that walked that narrow runway, Liya and Julianne Moore are a couple of my favs! Happy New Year!


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  4. love queen Bey!!

    just did a post on this too! :)


  5. wow what a beautiful show thanks for getting that vid....what a dream it would be to be there in person.

  6. I love it. That blue dress. That black sheerish shirt. The smiles and liveliness of the models and attendees! I love it all.