Tuesday, January 4, 2011

LoveBrownSugar Chic: Limited Edition

It's ok to ignore the conventional every once in a while. I would normally slap myself for pairing a cropped pair of pants with a fur vest. But today I just...felt like it.

Nothing like leather and fur to boost your fierce factor. And all of it is thrifted. Oh the power of secondhand threads...

The hair is growing on me (no pun intended). Just can't wait until it gets a little longer. All I can do with it right now is wear curly fros. By summer I'll be a pro at taming it...

Statement necklaces used to be my fave accessory but I've been cheating on my chains with cocktail rings this season. There's something so lovely and refined about a gaudy cocktail ring. I absolutely love them.

Fur Vest: Vintage Andrew Marc, Leather Jacket: Thrifted, Jeans: Thrifted, Top: H&M, Turquoise Chain: Forever 21, Ring: Forever 21, Shoes: Anne Michelle, Bag: Thrifted

- Photography by Justified Photos
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  1. I so know what you mean about just wearing things because you feel like it. This look is really cute and I'm a big fan of fur over leather. I wear my fur vest like that too.

  2. It used to be against my fashion religion to rock a fur vest, but when you break your own conventions, you end up with something you come to love! The fur vest and cocktail ring are fab!

  3. You look good! The fro looks like its coming along really!! Your lip color is amazing, I love it!!!!!

    Bows and Lavender Lips

  4. I love fur and leather together... i always wear my fur vest over my leather jacket as well. looks great very fab and similiar to a few pics I took recently too. great minds huh! :-)

  5. Three words: necklaces, cocktail rings and thrifiting!

  6. Totally love the look! I've written about how much I love cuffs. I wear them all the time. I've never been one to follow trends and I'm not really huge on fashion (the cloths) but your look is simple... but kicked up with the fur vest.

    The boots and bag are rockin!


  7. who needs rules!? This totally works! I wish I were more into statement accessories. I just always get annoyed with rings when I have to wash my hands!

  8. Thanks guys for the lovely boosts of confidence! Just hope PETA doesn't come for me LOL

  9. AH HA!! This is the vest. Love, love, love...the whole look is great.

    Cheers to thrifting!