Friday, January 14, 2011

The PJ Chronicles: Coconut Oil vs. Olive Oil

Shabana from Coco and Olive says:

"Hi Cece, I have an obsession with two very healthy products. Coconut oil for its moisturizing properties and Olive Oil which is also very good at adding moisture to your hair and skin. I use these two oils on both my hair and skin and I must say they WORK! Above is a photo of the products I love - as you can see I have tons of it..."

I must agree. Coconut oil has worked wonders for giving my hair shine and moisture ever since going 100% curly. I actually haven't tried it yet on my skin, though. And I haven't tried olive oil either, aside from my weekend italian dishes. Have you guys tried Coconut and Olive oils? Which ones do you prefer? Sound off below!

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  1. I was thinking of trying the Olive Oil Butter from the Body Shop. I love that an Pure Shea Butter from Shea Essentials.

  2. I've used both coconut oil and olive oil on my hair. I think I prefer the coconut oil, just because of the smell;)

  3. Coconut hands down, especially for hair. And Argan oil it does wonders for my hair.

  4. @Retromus-ik I love the smell of coconut oil too, yum!

    @Chinonye I have heard SO many good things about Argan oil - that's next on my list to try

  5. Thank you Cece for highlighting my post. As you know these two oils are less damaging to the budget than Argan oil which i have tried myself and it has left my hair soft but no matter what i always head back to coconut oil and olive oil.

  6. I was using a coconut oil cream in my hair until I saw that it had a vaseline base. it made my hair so pretty but I know that petrolatum is as bad as mineral oil. I need a replacement. *sigh* Any suggestions?