Monday, January 17, 2011

LoveBrownSugar Fashion Countdown: Golden Globes 2011

 Last night at the 2011 Golden Globes, there were fashions and fancy pants galore. You know how we do at LoveBrownSugar - we have our faves and we have our SMH-worthy fashion fails. Below find my Top 10 picks for the best and worst of the 2011 Golden Globes Red Carpet. Let me know if you agree...

10. BEST: Emma Stone

 Calvin Klein was a recurring theme last night. I absolutely loved the minimalist, super sexy & sophisticated look that she rocked on the red carpet. The color looks amazing on her and her hair is simple yet chic.

9. WORST: Leighton Meester

 Normally you can't go wrong with Burberry Prorsum. But in my eyes, Leighton just looks like she's trying way too hard. The color washes her out and the shoulders are a bit overpowering. I wasn't a fan.

8. BEST: January Jones

I was speechless when I saw this one. Contrary to popular belief, red on the red carpet is not always a faux pas. Especially if you're rocking a fierce Versace piece like this one! One word - flawless. The understated rosy lip is the perfect touch, not too cherry red and matchy. I also appreciate the Old Hollywood hair.

7. WORST: Natalie Portman

Now I'm normally a huge fan of Natalie's and an even bigger fan of the bold and beautiful celebs that grace the red carpet with baby pouches. I mean a pregnant woman's glow is unmatched. But this Viktor & Rolf dress definitely didn't bring out the best in Natalie Portman's look. I thought the red flower applique was way too distracting.

6. BEST: Angelina Jolie
Does she ever miss the cut for Best Dressed? This woman is divine in a perfectly fitted green Versace gown. I absolutely adored the shoulder detailing, the length, the fit and the fact that her amazing body shines through without her having to bare tons of skin. Flawless.

5. WORST: Michelle Williams
I adore Michelle's blond pixie cut but the color and the pattern of this dress were a major fail for me. I'm all for a good floral print, but this one gives me frumpy over sophisticated. On top of that, the muted color in absence of color anywhere else (no bronzer, no bold lip?!) is a no-go.

4. BEST: Scarlett Johansonn
Scar-Jo was an instant stunner in Elie Saab. Now this is the way to do a muted color but still have pop!  She went with a gown that had detailing like tiered chiffon and sequins to balance out the lack of color. And that
hair? Gorge! (Sidenote: I wish her makeup artist had slapped some concealer on that rainbow tattoo...whomps)

3. WORST: Julianne Moore
I was sorely disappointed to see Julianna Moore in this Lanvin collection look. Don't get me wrong, I love an exaggerated shoulder. But something just seems off about this silhouette on her. I also don't think the color meshes well with her skin tone or hair.

2. BEST: Anne Hathaway
We don't have to guess who put THIS look together. Giorgio Armani Prive has Rachel Zoe written all over it! I absolutely love the sequins, I love the shoulders, I love the unexpected bronze color and how everything works together so perfectly on Anne. Just stunning! The epitome of an awards show look.

1. WORST: Tilda Swinton
Stop the presses. When did it become ok to show up on the red carpet of the Golden Globes wearing a plain white oxford and a skirt? It looks like Jil Sander was constructing the dress from the ground up and once they hit the hips they said "Welp, we're done!" so Tilda just popped on a white button-up for good measure. No bueno. At least if you're going minimalist, throw on an earring, a bracelet, something!

What do you guys think? Which ones were your faves? Did I miss anyone? Soundoff below!

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  1. Oh man I totally missed the Golden Globes but there sure are some beautiful looking celebs ! I have to watch a video of the fashion that night !


  2. Head on, does Angelina ever get it wrong?? i totally agree with all your comments, but i did not feel that bad about Leighton Meester, but Tilda Swinton what was she thinking???

  3. I agree with you ALMOST completely! I think Michelle Williams and Tilda Swinton are wearing their own personal style. I also don't think ScarJo was a best. But LOVED Emma Stone and Anne Hathaway!

  4. Michelle Williams usually looks great in stylish yet quirky outfits. So it's unfortunate that this daisy smock found itself a free ride to the golden globes thanks to michelle. smh when bad clothes happen to good people...

  5. Michelle Williams isn't my fave so I wasn't surprised that I didn't like her look. I'm an Anne Hathaway stan and she looks amazing! One thing I do disagree with is Emma Stone. I just don't like the hair color change although I know it's for her role in Spiderman. Great list!

  6. I wasn't feeling the january Jones outfit. It felt a little too high class hooker for me. If there was less skin panel exposure I would love it.

    I pretty much agree with everything else. Leighton Meister could have pulled that off ewith some upswept hair and maybe a dewy face. Somethign needed to shine with such a plain color outfit (see Scarlett).

  7. I'm at a loss of words with Tilda Swinton. I can't comprehend that at all.

  8. I agree with everyone EXCEPT SCARLETT JOHANSON & JANUARY JONES...
    check out my list if you get a chance ~

  9. omg Leighton looked like a real life doll! loved her look! lovedit! and i loved michelle williams as well omg!Kyra Sedgewick, Sandra Bullock, January Jones, & Scarlett Johannson looked hot too