Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Home Improvement: The Fireplace

So I've just moved into a new home and I'm currently obsessed with all things home decor. If you follow me on Instagram (username: LoveBrownSugar), you probably saw me posting updates from around my space this week as I'm finally getting settled.

I've dreamed of having my own fireplace for ages. Now I finally have one and I can't be more excited. I decided to use the wooden mantle for displaying my favorite beauty goods and accessories.

My room faces the backyard area so I have a view of the garden out back. Love waking up to greenery and sunlight.

Slowly adding jewels to my decorative jewelry holder. This is a work in progress, I literally have boxes and boxes of jewels to comb through and "edit" so only the best pieces end up here.


I'll keep you guys updated on the home design process. In the meantime, check out my "A House Is Not A Home" board on Pinterest. Should give you an idea of my inspiration.

Do you guys have any favorite home decor blogs? Need some suggestions! Hit me up in the comments section below...

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  1. congrats and I love those pillows!


    1. Thanks J! I got them at Marshall's - can you believe it?

  2. The pillow is beautiful!!!

  3. It seems like you are really doing a nice job with making your home your oasis. Looks lovely!


  4. Congrats on the new place! That's so exciting!



  5. YAY! Tell me what to bring to the cookout?!

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